Sebastian Stan - American actor

Sebastian Stan was born on August 13, 1983.Sebastian Stan is a Romanian-born American actor best known for playing Prince Jack Benjamin on the television drama Kings and Carter Baizen on the book-based television series Gossip Girl.Stan was born in the Romanian city of ConstanĊ£a. In 2009 Stan reprised Gossip Girl role in two episodes, "The Age of Dissonance" and "The Grandfather". He also returned in a surprise appearance for the season finale, "The Goodbye Gossip Girl". Stan will repire his role as Carter in season 3. Sebastian's latest film, The Education of Charlie Banks, directed by Fred Durst, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in April and won an award for "Best New York Narrative." He starred in Kings on NBC, where he portrayed Prince Jack Benjamin, the closeted gay eldest son of King Silas Benjamin and an analogue to the biblical Jonathan.

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