Xavier Samuel - The Gorgeous Vampire in Twilight's "Eclipse'

Xavier Samuel was born on December 10,1983. Xavier Samuel is an Australian actor. Xavier Samuel has appeared in leading roles in the feature films September and Newcastle,and in July 2009, was cast to play Riley Biers in Eclipse, the third movie in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight franchise, beating actors Channing Tatum and Tom Felton for the role.


Short Summary :
Riley is one of the first humans turned by Victoria in her attempt to raise a newborn vampire army in Seattle. He was created because Victoria needed an older vampire to help control the newly created ones. Riley believed that Victoria truly loved him and he corralled the newborns and told them what their mission was and what they were supposed to do. Riley was intruder who came into Bella's room to gain her scent for the newborns. He was chosen because he was the only other mature vampire in the army and Victoria didn't want to tip the Cullens and the wolves to her presence before her plan could be executed. Riley's scent was unrecognizable to Edward or Jacob because they had never encountered him before.

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